Selling a House is a LITERAL PAIN IN THE KNEE!

Hi everyone! We are onto the next steps in the process of becoming full-time RV’ers. Who is excited? Who is exhausted? Who needs an adult beverage? All of the above? Me too! Well, strap in because I have quite the tale for you.

I have always been very active and my favorite form of exercise is walking. I love going on long walks with my husband and alone. I have even trained and competed in multiple half marathons and one full marathon and many 10k’s,  all speed walking. There is just something about being outside in the sunshine that makes me so happy. But, a few years ago, I started getting severe pains in my right knee. Jerry actually freaked out one day when he was walking behind me as my knee was so crooked. He filmed me to show me what I looked like. I had no idea it was that bad. And I’m not sure if you’re aware, but knees are essential to walking! 

I went to the doctor and spent the next few years getting regular cortisone shots in my knee to stop the pain. I had blown through all of my cartilage and bone was rubbing on bone. Not cute. I knew eventually I would need surgery but I wanted to put it off as long as possible. Well, the time finally came when we decided to go full-time. Jerry retiring and us losing our great health insurance in California necessitated that I get my surgery ASAP. 

So on April 20, 2021, I went under the knife and got a full knee replacement. Just call me Iron Woman. I have friends who have gotten the same surgery and were up and walking around two weeks later so I assumed I would be able to do the same. How wrong I was.

Picture the worst pain you have ever been in and then double it. I can’t even describe with words how painful this recovery process has been. And the kicker is that I can’t take any pain meds/narcotics. Similar to my mother, I have horrible reactions to all pain meds. Not your normal side effects either. These are full-blown allergic reactions. So I have had to suffer through a 12-inch scar on my knee with Tylenol and ice packs alone. It has not been fun or easy. But, I have been able to catch up on all my Real Housewives. That is something, right? 

In the middle of this entire trauma, we were trying to sell our house. If you didn’t think we were crazy before, you probably do now, right? Leading up to my surgery, I was running around all day every day prepping the house for pictures and visitors. And remember, with COVID, all house viewings have to be by appointment only and the residents have to leave. We couldn’t have one big open house and get it over with. We had to leave our house every day for a week (we wanted to keep it open that long for the best offers) while our realtor booked all the appointments.  

BTW, we have the most amazing realtor EVER.  Kim Morruci is not only our realtor, but she and her husband are our very dear friends.  Mark is the Chief Engineer at a hospital as well and he and Jerry have known each other for years. Kim is the ONLY realtor Jerry has gotten along with or should I say, has allowed in our home. She has been with us for all 4 homes we have sold and bought.  You want someone who will take incredible care of you, then Kim is the one. Just for you Bay Area peeps, that is. Here is her email for when you need a realtor in your life:

And for me, leaving the house was quite the production. I was two weeks post-surgery and NOT thriving, as my niece would say. I had a walker to get around with and it was slow and painful going. Thankfully, our neighbors opened their home to us. I was able to sit down on their couch and relax instead of in the car or at a park, as our original plan. 

We also had to make sure that the house didn’t look like a total hospital room when we had potential buyers come. Thank god for Jerry for helping to tidy up every day. What a production! In the end, we sold our house immediately and are so happy about and thankful to the new homeowner. We are ready for our next adventure. Stay tuned! 

Just One More… surgery. Just kidding! Never again! 


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