The House is Sold. Now What?

The House Is Sold. Now What?

Hello everyone! Now that you have read all about my cute little, easy, painless knee surgery and house selling adventures, you might be asking yourself, what now? What could these crazy kids possibly have to tell us next? Buckle up people! We have lots to share! 

First, we did get an amazing deal on our house. The buyer is wonderful and is graciously letting us stay in our home, rent-free, until June 22. So in the next month, we need to get rid of literally everything in our home. Think about it, we can’t take any furniture with us, no glass, no artwork. As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, we have been purging, selling, and donating up a storm. But we need a way to get rid of essential items right before we go. For example, we will need our bed until the last night in the house. 

Jerry and I decided on an estate sale. It will take place in mid-June and they will be selling everything in the house, including, but not limited to, our bed, silverware, artwork, Tupperware. Really, you name it, they will sell it. And if they can’t sell it, they will donate it. We are excited about this last purge! 

After the estate sale, we will be officially ready to start our journey to becoming full-time RV’ers. As mentioned in a previous blog, we will be traveling to South Dakota to begin the process of domiciling. We ordered our truck and rig from Utah at the beginning of the year. Why Utah, you ask? Utah was the only state that was willing to give us a decent price. We were able to negotiate with them. No where else would even consider it. The price was the price. Especially here in California, which has a gag-worthy sales tax rate of 9.75%. Now that we will be South Dakota residents, we will only have to pay 4% sales tax. And we lucked out because both the rig and truck will be done in June. Perfect timing! 

We will be driving my Ford Escape from California to South Dakota and plan on taking lots of breaks. Remember, I am still recovering from knee surgery and won’t be able to sit in a car for extended periods of time. And I will be needing lots of ice for the swelling and pain. Jerry even bought a plug-in car freezer to hold all of my ice. What a production. From South Dakota, we will drive down to Utah to trade in the Ford and then pick up the truck and OUR BRAND NEW RV. Can you tell how excited I am? 

From Utah, we will drive all the way back to Sacramento.  We have been using a storage unit in Sacramento for everything that will be coming with us because Jerry has a  friend who is a carpenter and is going to customize our RV. Now I know you must have lots of questions here. Isn’t the reason we ordered the RV so far in advance because it was going to be customized already? Yes, you are correct. RVs sometimes don’t use space in the best, most useful way. There is no way a woman designs RVs. 

There are cabinets all over the RV. But when you open them, they are just a giant space. There are no shelves anywhere. Call me crazy, but a girl needs her shelves. How can I organize anything in cabinets without shelves? So, we are adding shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room cabinets. Also, there are two couches that pull out into beds, plus two recliners. We are only two people and do not need that many places for our butts to go. So Jerry and I decided to have one of the couches taken out and plan to turn it into a workstation. As some of you may know, I am a coach for WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and plan to run my workshops on the road. It will also be a great place to do super important things like paying our bills, doing our blogs and YouTube videos and let’s not forget online shopping. 

We plan to be in Sacramento for a few weeks and say our final goodbyes. So if you are around in July, give us a shout and we would love to see you! 

Our first real destination will be the Escapees Convergence at the Grand Tetons in Idaho from August 14-22. The Escapees is the RV club we joined that gave us the invaluable information to go full time. We are so excited for their annual conference to meet other full-time RV’ers. We plan to take our time getting to Idaho by going up through the Pacific Northwest. On our way there, our first stop in Ahsland, Oregon to decompress for 5 or 6 days before continuing the journey. If you have any great recommendations for Ashland, let us know! 

This is where our adventure truly begins and we are so excited to share it with you along the way. 

Just One More… Shelf. You can’t have too many shelves! 

Make sure to check out our videos on YouTube by clicking HERE! Regular videos will be coming once we hit the road!

The new truck!
Storage… for now.
Joe & Susan planning the SHELVES!


  1. alicehardin56 says:

    It is getting closer Susan!  Ashland has a wonderful outdoor Shakespearen theater as well as an indoor theater….beautiful area. Lake National Park innovation too awful far away remember that Lithia Park was prettyHere are some more ideas: excited for you!  Hugs!  AliceSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    1. Thanks for the links!!!!! 🥰


    2. Laurie Taylor says:

      Hi Susan, we’ll be moving to Southern Oregon next fall. My In laws live in Rogue River and we have friends in Ashland. As I know you like your vino. Definitely check out the Jacksonville area wineries: DanCin, Red Lily, Del Rio, Schmidt Family. Rogue River Creamery (amazing cheeses) for Adventure Hell’s gate Canyon Jet Boat In Grants Pass. Looking forward to your adventures. Happy Trails! Laurie


      1. Thank you so very very much!!!!!! And congratulations. Excited for you.


  2. Julie says:

    When do you expect to resume your WW workshops?


    1. The goal is July 16.


  3. Julie Scheibner says:

    Such an exciting new chapter adventure! You only live life once!


    1. Julie

      We are very excited!!! Lots to do first, but it’s all part of the adventure. Hope you are doing well!!!!


  4. Keely Van Zee says:

    Susan, what kind of rv did you get? We have a 40 ft. Monaco Windsor motor home. We do a lot of camping and do a lot of Rzr trips. (Off road vehicle). We are going on a trip in July to the black hills. But I have question for you, where is your tv at in your motor home? We have 2 couches in ours that both make into beds, but the tv is up at the front so I get one couch and Rick gets the other. Your recliners, are you able to watch tv in them or are they your front seats that swivel around. Just something to think about. The shelves are a great idea. Rick did it to ours. Helps a lot. Have any questions throw them my way , I will be happy to help if I can. Good travels. You have an exciting journey ahead of you. If you need suggestions on campgrounds just ask.

    You are going to have so much fun seeing all the sights.

    Keely Van Zee


    1. Hi!!! So good to hear from you. We have a Grand Design Solitude. Check out the video. It’ll show you the lay out. I’m removing a couch to put in my workstation. The recliners face the TV. Ours is 41.5 feet. We are very excited. I would love to talk to you!!!


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