What Do You Eat in an RV?

Since I started telling people about our plans to become full-time RV’ers, I have gotten so many questions about food. What do you eat on the road? Will you eat out? How do you stay healthy while traveling constantly? I am here to answer all of these questions! 

Although we will be traveling indefinitely in our new RV, we are not really looking at it as a long vacation where food is concerned. Our home just moves with us and that home has a full kitchen. We will be continuing as we have always done. Jerry and I both have a passion for cooking and we only eat out 1-2 times a month.

As you might know, I have been a coach for WW for a few years now and a member for over 20. I love the lifestyle that WW has shown me and am passionate about keeping up those habits while we transition into full-time RV’ing. Now I am not a kale all-day-everyday type of person. I love cheese and chips and Chinese food. I just believe there is a time and place for everything and everything in moderation. 

When you are on the road, it can be very hard to eat healthily. There are so many great and easy options out there. Jerry and I  had a discussion recently about what we wanted to do and we came up with a plan. We will continue to meal prep on Sundays as we have been doing for years. We make a bunch of food for the week, like chili, casseroles, chicken, and more. We also love to grill and plan on making as many fun things on the grill as we can. I have some great recipes for veggies and even pizza on the grill. I also plan on bringing my instapot and air fryer! I can’t wait to share recipes and cooking videos with you all! 

But I want you all to know that we still plan on enjoying as much of the local cuisine as we can! I love to research local restaurants and find the best of the best. Eating out can get expensive so we came up with a few ways to save money without missing out on the amazing food we will be exposed to on our travels. First, lunches and happy hours are less expensive than dinners, so we will be taking advantage of those deals! And second, as you may be aware, portion sizes are out of control. Instead of both ordering entrees, we like the idea of having an appetizer or two and sharing one entree. That way, we save money and don’t leave the table with tons of leftovers or that overly full feeling that isn’t fun (except for Thanksgiving of course). We think all of these strategies will allow us to enjoy the local food without busting our waistlines and wallets. I will let you know how this plan goes!

All of these ideas are great for when we are at a campground/set up in a spot for a few weeks or months. But what about those days we are driving long stretches? We can’t really stop for every meal and cook or even heat up the meals we have prepped. Remember that plug in cooler I told you about for the ice for my knee? I am planning on using that for cold food we can eat on the road. I’m talking about sandwiches, wraps, salads, things like that that don’t need to be heated but are healthy and filling during long drives. This way, we don’t have to stop for fast food. 

On the whole, our plan is to live a healthy life with the occasional splurge for delicious food that is worth the money. Stay tuned for reviews of amazing food around the country! And check out our YouTube channel in the coming months for recipes that are healthy and easy to make in the RV! 

Just One More….Ice Cream cone (Jerry has a sweet tooth and added this one) 

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