You Asked For It

Welcome back to the blog!!  So glad you are taking the time to read about our adventures!  

This week we are revisiting a few questions that keep coming up.

Jerry and I get asked all the time about what it is like to live in a home on wheels. It is kind of a crazy concept to get your head around. We do live in a home that is mobile, so we can pick up and go wherever we want. It’s a pretty great system. If we don’t like where we are, we can leave and go anywhere else, (kinda like we did in Driggs, ID).  When people ask where we are from, it becomes a bit confusing for us.  However, we say California, but our license plates are from South Dakota, where we domicile (aka pay taxes).  You should see people’s faces.  The main question we get is, “Where do you live?”  We say, “In our RV”, next, “But where do you live?”  Again, we say, “In our RV”.  Then we wait for the realization to hit them as we watch their faces change with finally understanding.  It’s quite amazing. When you meet a visitor in your town, one of the first things you ask is where they are from. But with us, we have to go into a bit of our history and lifestyle. Many get more than they bargained for when they ask that simple question.  

We also get asked what we do every day. Most people seem to think that we are on a permanent vacation. Which, we are. But more than that, we are both retired, so we really don’t have to do anything. We feel like most retired couples who just have to keep their house clean, bills paid, and food cooked. Our house just happens to have wheels and can go anywhere in the continental United States.  Our household chores are a little different.  Especially since our home is only 500 sq feet, it doesn’t take hours cleaning.  Jerry does have a bit more maintenance to do to make sure we are safe while traveling. Like other retired couples, we worked all our lives and sometimes, we just want to veg out and do nothing all day. And that is perfectly ok with us! What is cool about our permanent vacation is that we can sight see any day if we want to. Our backyard changes as often as we like and we can explore any time we want. It’s an awesome way to retire and see the country. 

Another question that is on so many people’s minds is what do we do for health and dental care.  A great medical broker who is also a full-time RVer. He helped us find great nation-wide insurance for both of us. Our previous insurance was great and very inexpensive, but only in California. Jerry’s insurance while working was so amazing.  We are getting used to higher prescriptions and copays, but couldn’t be happier with the care we have received so far. Jerry actually had a physical in Hamilton, Mt and a vision check.  We both are getting our teeth cleaned in Hamilton.  Jerry will be having a hearing test in Austin, TX.  At this point, we do not have a main Dr.  That will come in time as we figure out where we will be coming back to each year.  It has been a very interesting experience for us both so far.

We are going to do a Q&A Vog (also known as a YouTube Video).  We need your questions!!  Feel free to leave a comment here asking anything you would like to know about being on the road full time, or you can email us at! We can’t wait to tell you more of the ins and outs of our amazing lifestyle. 

Just One More… question! Seriously, ask us anything! 


  1. karen mcbrayer says:

    Love hearing about all your adventures as well as seeing your pictures.


  2. CoolJudy says:

    Don’t forget the other often asked questions:


    1. That’s coming!!! Lol


  3. Carin says:

    Good to see your smiling face Jerry.



    Nice to hear all is going well. Enjoy reading this blog.


    1. Joanne says:

      Enjoyed your blog today!!!!! It is hard to realize your home is on wheels. Must RVers, live maybe a week to a month and then back to they’re home on the ground!!!! You have a unique life style!!
      Do you have an idea about dates in November you will be in Palm Desert??


      1. Actually plans have changed. We will only be in Dessert Hot springs one day in Nov. I’ll get you that date. On our way back to the Bat area.


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