Coming “Home”

Did you miss us?  We missed you!  Jerry and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.  Thank you for joining us again!

The word “home” means so many different things.  When someone says, “I’m going home”, that usually that means a brick and stick building, correct?  For us, our home is where we park it.  So, saying we are going home is a very different statement.  Our license says we are from South Dakota, but that’s not our home.  We were there for maybe 5 days total.  We are still trying to figure this whole thing out!  Since our last home was in the Bay Area, we have been using the term, “we are going home for the holidays”.  I guess that means Northern California in general where both of our families are.  Does family constitute where “home” is?  Not necessarily I’m sure you’re saying.  Coming “home” after a vacation is always nice.  Walking in the door of our RV is always coming “home” after a vacation.   For full-timers, our home is with us everywhere we go. 

For us, as of the 30th, we have been full-time for 5 months.  So many things we have experienced and still so much to learn and figure out.  “Home” is one of them.  Many people have welcomed us “home” since we have been back in the Bay Area. So, let’s just say, “we are home” for the holidays.  It makes it easier; I think. 

Getting here was an adventure.  We left Austin, drove to La Vernia, then to Fort Stockton, Las Cruces, Tucson, Bakersfield, then to Dessert Hot Springs and finally arrived in Pleasanton.  Seven days of travel, so we are still a bit tired. You can see all about it in our latest vlog! We’re very excited we will be here for a while. 

We need to decompress, organize inside and out.  That is a constant as a full-timer.  When you are living in a small space, everything has its place and must remain that way.  When you add anything new, you need to find it a home.  Also, you need to continually sell, donate, give away or throw away things that you don’t really need, but who the heck knows what that is after only 5 months!!!  We will be working on that while we are here in Pleasanton.

We have a lot figured out, but a lot that still needs to be done.  Things like our clothing.  We are not getting rid of any clothing for a full year.  That will be in June 2022.  We need to experience the seasons everywhere we go.  Who the heck knows what we need at this point? Poor Jerry is still trying to figure out the tools he will need.  As you know, tools are very heavy, and we are still a bit overweight (the RV that is)!  He has his work cut out for him. For me, if I purchase any clothing, I MUST donate the same amount.  I’m pretty darn good at that.  Luckily, I haven’t needed to go clothes shopping at this point, but I’m getting close!!

We are excited to be in the Bay Area for a month, not just for the holidays, but to see friends and family who have yet to see our new home.  Lots of RV tours going on this month.  We are enjoying visiting with everyone and recapping our adventures so far.  Living on the road can be a challenge when it comes to community.  Don’t get me wrong, we are meeting amazing new friends. That’s been one of the most fun part of this adventure.  But it is always nice to come “home” to familiarity. 

The exciting part of meeting new friends on the road is trying to figure out where you can meet in the country!  We have a lot of plans to meet with our new RV friends in 2022 and we cannot wait! In the meantime, we will enjoy our time “home” in the Bay Area, and try to see as many friends and family members as we can!  

Just One More….time “home”


  1. CoolJudy says:

    You are adjusting so well to the RV-ing lifestyle. While I was not a “full-timer” and only an “extended-timer”, having “family” all over the country is so fulfilling. When I return to the road in January as a solo, I will never be alone! It has been great following your adventures and being able to see you both for HUGS in ABQ and back “home” this week. I’ll see you down the road.
    — SAFE TRAVELS, CoolJudy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was great seeing you as well!!! Big HUGS!!


  2. Linda+Wild says:

    Such an interesting reality to the RV experience. I guess the quote “Home is where the heart is” can really apply!


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