Happy New Year from the Road!


We are so excited to be back with all of you!!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready for 2022!  We sure are.

We ended up staying in Northern California for 6 weeks, and we are so glad we did.  It was nice to be able to see friends and family a few times while we were here. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year celebrations all in the Bay Area.   

While we’ve been here, we took care of a few personal maintenance items. We went to the dentist, I will have had my hair cut twice, and I’m going on the 3rd for one more haircut before we hit the road on Tuesday.  Yes, that is one of my biggest issues.  Where do I get my haircut while travelling since I usually get cut every 4-5 weeks.  That can be a challenge as I need to do my research on the best stylist that cuts short hair.  Not always easy.  It is part of the adventure; I keep telling myself.  Trust me, you will be hearing all about this part of our journey as we try finding hairstylists and dental hygienists across the nation. 

We are learning how to live in the rain and cold in an RV.  After this last summer of living in heat waves for 4 months, I swore I would NEVER complain about being cold again!!  Never again will you hear me complain about how cold it is. I promise that will not come out of my mouth.  I would rather be cold than hot, I’ve learned.  At least with cold you can still go outside and have a life. As they say, you can always add more layers on!

The challenge with rain while staying in a county fairground is mud.  We are parked on grass and ground that turns into mud when it rains.  It has been raining a LOT while we’ve been here.  California needs it so, not complaining at all.  We’re just learning to work around it.  We have outdoor carpeting and both Indoor and outdoor mats, etc.  Cleaning every day is a must.  That said, Pleasanton has been a great place to stay. It’s been so convenient for being able to connect with our family and friends, and we will definitely stay here again when we come back to Northern California.

We have conquered the cold inside as well with small, but powerful, electric heaters.  We do have central heat/ac and our fireplace is an electric heater as well.  The challenge with the central heat is that it uses propane, and it’s caused us to have needed to fill our propane tanks at least 5 times since we have been here.  We finally decided to invest in electric heaters, and they are working so well!!!  Because our home is small, it gets cold very quickly when we leave to go do something, but it heats up as quickly as well.  Thank goodness!!

We will be leaving on the 4th for Oceanside, CA for 5 days, then to Lake Havasu for 4 days.  We will be visiting friends in both locations, and we are so excited about that! Then we will be in Quartzite, AZ from Jan 14 – March 1.  It will be our first time traveling the Grapevine in the RV on the way to Oceanside.  Pray for us, please!  This trip will be a test on our relationship.  Much more to come from that experience.  We will be doing a lot of filming so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

We have so many incredible trips lined up for 2022.  Once we leave Arizona, we will be heading east.  Excited that we will be coming back to Austin in March while we wait and see what the weather will be as we will be in Indiana March 21 to get some work done on the RV.  So happy to be able to see Katie, again, so soon after the holidays.    

Another challenge is leaving my nephew Mikey and his NOW fiancé, Kelly.  Yes, they got engaged while we were here!  So thankful we extended our stay to be able to celebrate with them.   I keep telling them that we are only a flight away and will come back whenever we need to.  Now that there is going to be a wedding (in 2023), there are many events that will be planned.  There is no way I am missing any of them.  Another great thing is that our house is on wheels.  It goes where it is towed!!!  Being a full-time RVer means being very flexible.  You just never know what can happen to your plans. 

Jerry and I wish you all a healthy and happiest New Year.  Please continue to subscribe, share, and most of all comment as we love to hear from you.  We’re so excited to be bringing you along in our travels for 2022!

Just One More….New Year (yep, let’s get 2021 behind us)


  1. Alice Hardin says:

    Safe travels, Susan! Congratulations to your Nephew and his fiance!!!


    1. Thank you. Happy New Year ❤️


      1. Antoinette Kovacs says:

        Sorry we missed seeing you this trip. Very excited for mikie & Kelly’s engagement. Hopefully things will be less hectic next trip back to CA and we can get together. Safe travels & Happy New Year from Colorado. Hugs. Toni & Lou


      2. We will be back!!!! Maybe we can see each other on the road some where!! hugs!!


  2. Donna Hook says:

    Susan and Jerry,
    Brian and I so enjoy reading about y’all’s adventures. Wondering when y’all will make it to Beaufort SC? Congratulations to your nephew and fiancé. Keep justonemore coming. Lots of love Donna


    1. Happy New Year! We will be coming to see you next Fall!!! Oct or Nov! I’ll
      Be keeping you posted. ❤️



    I love how you “adapt to your environment”. You make the best out of whatever is thrown your way. Your adventuresome spirit is a joy to witness. Have a wonderful “every day” in 2022.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad we were able to see each other when I was in town. I will be back I will keep you posted


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