The Journey Continues in Lake Havasu

Happy Saturday, and welcome back! We left Oceanside after an incredible time with Margot and Louie heading to Lake Havasu.  Remember our rule about 5 hours max of driving?  Well, it was a 7 hour drive that day, which is a very long time to be towing 42’.  It takes a lot out of Jerry, but he did such an amazing job. We only made a couple of stops to stretch, which is so important to do when travelling for that long!  

It’s challenging when you have no idea where you are driving and have to completely depend on the GPS.  Of course, we always check it out the night before to try and understand where we are heading.  We also check the “Trucker’s App” for a little more insight on the route we’re planning.  It’s always a good idea to confirm routes when you are driving a huge rig.  Getting stuck at a tunnel or bridge that you cannot cross over or under is NOT a good thing.

Thank goodness, RV Trip Wizard did it again and got us safely to the Lake Havasu Elk’s Club.  Of course, we forgot about the time change in AZ which added another hour to the ride (well, not really, but you get the idea).  We arrived around 4:30 pm which is pretty late for us.  We like to arrive in plenty of time to get all set up.  That takes about 30 – 45 minutes depending on how long we are staying.  If it’s a short stay, then I do not put out all my tchotchkes (stuff) on the mantel or hanging pictures, outdoor chairs, etc.  Since we were only staying 4 nights we decided not to get completely set up.  Makes an easy break down when we leave as well.

Staying at the Elk’s Club was pretty great! The site was roomy with full hook-ups. It had everything we needed for four nights. Between the Elk’s Club in Oceanside and Lake Havasu, the membership has already paid for itself. This club is one of the busiest in the country. They have something going on every night for the people that are there, so there is always something to do. And, the Elks Clubs are known for very reasonable prices on cocktails!!! We definitely took advantage of that!.

We had a fantastic time in Lake Havasu!  Neither of us have ever been there.  Our friends Jean and Paul live there and were fantastic guides.  We took beautiful walks along the river, the adorable downtown area, we went to great restaurants, and even took a 90 min boat tour around the lake to learn the history.  The sunset was quite a sight! You can see it in our latest vlog.  AZ does have some beautiful sunsets, I have to say. 

The best part about the visit was hanging out with Paul and Jean.  We met them in Albuquerque, NM during the balloon fiesta.  Getting to connect with friends we meet along the way is the best part of RV living!  We even changed some of our plans after they invited us to come visit them.  Having your house on wheels has many many perks, and that is one of them! 

We are now in Quartzite, AZ for the biggest RV Show in the country.  The drive was only 2 hours from Lake Havasu and we were able to check in super early.  Check out the pictures of the site we have.  It is HUGE!!!  When we parked and started setting up, we had to ask if there was someone going to be next to us.  It is so big!  I wanted to hug the camp host when he told us it’s all ours.  WOW, is all we have to say. 

There are over 400 sites along with a motel, café and activities every day.  The challenge is finding a place to grocery shop, as we are actually in the middle of nowhere.  The closest Safeway is 58 miles away, and the closest Costco is in Phoenix which is about 90 minutes away.  We will be going to Phoenix a few times as we have a lot of friends there.  We’ll get to figure out the shopping challenge (thank goodness Paul and Jean told us to stock up before we left Lake Havasu) and have some fun experiences along the way. 

We are so excited to be here for the winter.  We will be here until Mar 1st, so there will be lots of videos and great stories to share in the coming weeks!



  1. Barb E. says:

    It so cool to follow your travels! Thank you Susan 🤗


    1. Thank you for following us!!!


  2. Linda says:

    A great place to set up for the duration! Arizona is great. I love Santa Fe, Sedona, Scottsdale, etc. so beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more!❤️❤️


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