Wrapping Up Quartzsite

Hard to believe we have been in Quartzsite for 6 weeks.  This is our last weekend here and needless to say, we are excited about getting back on the road.

We have had a very exciting week though, I must say.  Our friends Kim and Rodger wanted to play bingo Saturday night, so with dabbers in hand, we went to the rec room.  The room was packed with all the regular bingo players.  We had to sit in the front row as those were the only seats available.  We brought our margaritas and beer with us, purchased our bingo cards, and were ready to win!!  At the break, we still hadn’t won anything and I needed to go to the restroom.  Why am I telling you this, well….. Let me back up.  I have been in this rec room many times since we have been here for different functions throughout the past 6 weeks.  I have used the same restroom each time.  

There is a sign on the door saying “1 person at a time only”.  There is no lock on the main door, but of course there is a stall with a locked door which I was in.  While doing my business, I hear someone walk in. I could tell it was an older gentleman. How, you ask?  Well, heavy feet, lots of groaning and moaning while walking.  Now let me tell you, yes there are urinals in this restroom as there are in many “unisex” restrooms.  He went right to the urinal and started to pee with a lot more moaning and groaning.  Needless to say, I did not know what the hell to do.  I decided I better get the heck out of there quickly.  I ran out of the stall, and washed my hands without looking at him.  I have no idea if he even saw me (as I believe he might have been hard of hearing) as he was still at the urinal groaning and moaning.

I was horribly embarrassed and couldn’t wait to get out of there.  When I went back to my seat I had to tell my story and honestly, we all started laughing uncontrollably (which you’re really not allowed to be loud and obnoxious at bingo with this group)  Jerry looked at me and said, “you do realize that the women’s restroom is on the left?”  Um, NO I did not as I thought they were universal restrooms, thank you very much.  Of course, I had to go up and look at the actual sign and sure enough it was a men’s stick figure.  Ok, Ok, my eyes are getting old and I just assumed they were universal as I have used that restroom EACH time I have been in that room.  Lesson learned in the different states we travel to, make sure you confirm the restrooms!!  

The worst part of the night,  we didn’t win a darn thing!!!  We will be going to play bingo one more time before we leave and, trust me, I will be using the women’s restroom! (or not just to be a bit rebellious)

On Tuesday night, while using the waterpik on my teeth, I had it up pretty strongly and it actually blew off one of my crowns.  Thank goodness I didn’t swallow it.  I was shocked.  We are in the middle of nowhere and there are no dentists in Quartzsite!  Thankfully we had been to a dentist in Blythe for our cleanings last week.  I called first thing Wednesday morning and was told I could come in.  I knew I just needed it cemented back on, but of course, they had to take an x-ray.  $300 for 10 min.  The good news, my crown is back on and no issues whatsoever.  

We have been so spoiled with Jerry’s health and dental insurance for all these years, I had no idea how much things cost.  $300!!!!  But, what are you going to do?  I will be getting dental insurance starting in August, so fingers crossed nothing else happens before then!!  

Ray and Angie were in Quartzsite on Wednesday passing through back to Lake Havasu.  We met them for lunch and came back to our RV as Angie is now our vendor for all branded items of “Just One More”.  She made us a few t-shirts and is making us sweatshirts and tumblers.  We are so excited.  It was great to see them as this will be the last time until we meet up somewhere on the road, hopefully, this year!  We have a contest going on to win a free t-shirt so please check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for the contest rules! Or to order yours now, click on this link!!!  Would love to see YOU wearing a Just One More T-Shirt or Sweatshirt. 

Hunky (our truck) needed to get the oil changed before we head out on Tuesday, so back to Blythe we went.  While Jerry was at the dealership, I decided to get my nails done.  It had been 6 weeks and they were in desperate need.  How do I figure out where to go, you might ask?  Well, I asked the gals in the dental office.  That’s what we do for most things, ask the locals.  They will give you all the inside scoop and the places to go. It was a great mani-pedi!  

Just so you know, the truck is our most expensive budget item.  Oils changes are incredibly expensive for our size truck and with the cost of everything skyrocketing these days, it’s crazy.  We definitely contributed to the economy of Blythe this week.  You’re so welcome, Blythe!!!  

What we will not miss about Quartzsite are the wind storms.   Wind storms for two days, rain, hail and just super cold for AZ.  When this happens, we are stuck inside the RV.  Lots of binge watching, reading, cooking, catching up with friends on zoom and phone calls.  It really isn’t so horrible.  The fireplace was going, and it was pretty cozy.  

We really enjoyed the campground, the people, and meeting incredible friends. That said, we are really looking forward to having grocery stores to shop, decent restaurants, things to do and see.  This has been very relaxing and we are so glad we came to Quartzsite, but now I know why everyone we told that we were going to be here for six weeks couldn’t believe it.  Another lesson learned.  I now do a lot more research on an area AND look at all the reviews I can.

We are heading to Austin to spend 8 nights.  We cannot wait to see Katie and her dog Tito.  Our friends Kim and Rodger are meeting us in Tucson to caravan to Austin where they are staying right next to us at the La Hacienda Resort where we stayed in October.  It should be a great time showing them around Austin.  Lots of laughs we are quite sure.

Thank you for taking the time to follow our journey as we will be officially on our way east for the rest of this year!  Lots of fun adventures coming your way.

Just One More…..wind storm we can do without!


  1. Donna Hook says:

    What an adventure now that you are headed east, we are really wanting to know in what month do y’all think you’ll hit Beaufort South Carolina?


    1. Most likely in Oct or Nov. I promise to keep you posted!!!! Can’t wait to see you.


    2. Martha says:

      Okay, prYets warmer when you get here. Actual raIn, cold, and ice.


      1. Looking forward to getting to Austin.


  2. Alice Hardin says:

    Safe travels and have a blast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. You too!!!


  3. Karen McBrayer says:

    You guys are having way too much fun.


  4. Carin says:

    I think I’ve learned more about your hygiene in this post than in the years I’ve known you. 😂. Watch those potty signs.

    Enjoy Austin. Tell Katie hello.


  5. lydiastoy says:

    Love hearing about your adventures. Keep them coming.


      1. Linda says:

        Definitely a fun read. Laughed out loud about the rest room mix up!! Sounds like something I’ve ALMOST done!!Sorry about no bingo win but there is always the next time!! 🤗🤗


      2. Just won tonight!!!! Whoo Hoo


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