Jerry’s Take

Hey gang, Jerry is back!

In this blog I will cover the last couple of weeks and the first time that happened experiences!

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Ok, we are a little excited about finally arriving in Cherry Hill Park MD. Which is a quick train ride into Washington DC! ..where it’s snowing?? Yes, there are big fluffy flakes of snow falling…Well, turns out they aren’t snowflakes, they are cherry blossoms!! Being raised in Alaska, you would think I know the difference! 

Ms. Susan, our concierge, tour guide, navigator, and all-around hero booked this resort months ago! We have been reading tour guide books and watching YouTube videos while trying to decide which tours we will take. Thank you for all the suggestions!

All right! Drum roll for the list of FIRSTS!

We had booked a two-day layover in the beautiful hills of West Virginia next to Morgantown WV where we experienced the coldest temperature so far on our adventures! 10 degrees, brrrrrr with 2-3 inches of snow on the ground! How did that happen? Mother nature was flexing her power! We were promised water when we arrived, but the water was frozen! We stayed one night and got the heck out of dodge! Fortunately, the resort we are at now allowed us to come in a day early!!!

Now, we are at Cherry Hill Park in MD. This is the largest resort we have ever seen! You name it and you can find it here. This is a children friendly resort, with a water park, two pools, fishing, on and on! For us big kids there is a concierge on staff full of great ideas and able to book tours directly from our park! The metro bus comes into the park all day long!! Seniors get a significant discount! Susan is NOT a senior. YET…

Ok what else has happened in the last couple of weeks…glad you asked! Another long-awaited appointment for Madge (our fifth wheel) for repairs and upgrades in Elkhart Indiana, where most RV’s are built.  We arrived on Sunday in Elkhart RV campground for one night and then rolled into the parking lot of MORryde Mfg. To have independent suspension and disk brakes added. From the moment we arrived the staff was friendly and accommodating! In the afternoon of day one we pulled into a huge service bay and spent the night in Madge. Hunky (Ram 3500 dually) had to stay outside in the cold! Everyday we were up at 5 am and out of the place before 6 am. We sat in the comfortable waiting area and shared our adventures with other full timers. Milestone moment! We were at 199  YouTube subscribers and Curt, who was having work done on his rig agreed to become our 200th subscriber! We gave Curt a Just One More tee shirt! He put it on immediately! Curt may have slept in it-ha-ha! We took a self-tour of the RV museum of incredible vintage RV’s.

Ben, the MORryde service/sales manager, Jeremy, the service expediter and Sergio, our mechanic, were awesome! They took the time to show us the progress of the installation and answer my questions! As a retired Chief Engineer of a hospital, I had a lot of questions!!! We finished at MORryde on Wednesday and drove a few miles to the Grand Design service center. The service department went over the list of items we wanted addressed and instructed us to have Madge ready to be moved into a service bay by 0600 on Thursday! We stopped by in the afternoon to check on the progress and were impressed with the work that had taken place! We were informed that they would need another day to complete the repairs. The service manager put us up in the Das Dutchman Essenhaus hotel, restaurant, boutiques, and quilt shops. (Susan was happy) The hotel was amazing, comfortable, and beautiful!

The roads in Illinois were terrible, with some pretty expensive tolls. We hit potholes that I had to use 4-wheel drive to get out of! One short section of a toll road cost thirty dollars! Wonder what they are using the money for? Sure isn’t road maintenance! The best maintained roads were in West Virginia! Coupled with the incredible scenery driving through West Virginia was great!

As everyone is aware diesel prices have risen, especially as we move from the Midwest and to the East. At one point we were giddy when we saw 5.15 per gallon! We started using a discount card from Escapees RV club. At one fueling location we saved twenty-eight cents per gallon at another fueling stop able to get the cash price, a few cents saving.

Concluding thoughts and lessons learned: Pulling 20K lbs takes a lot of concentration! The new brakes on Madge have shortened our stopping distance considerably! Up until a couple of weeks ago we used RV life as our exclusive navigation app. Then the day the earth turned dark! We are chugging along the freeway and our GPS went blank! Ahhhhh! Talk about excitement! Susan was able to quickly reboot and get us back online! Can’t imagine what would have happened if we were in the middle of a large city needing to change lanes to follow a certain route!!!!  Fortunately, I have a secret weapon Susan the navigator without Susan monitoring the GPS we would still be driving around in circles! I would go even further how in the hell did our parents drive across country looking at those thingy’s I think they called them MAPS! Now I know why our parents argued and chain smoked while my sister and I sat in the back seat wide eyed and full of adventure!!

Just One More……RV GPS (trust me, we have at least 4 different programs now) 


  1. Alice Hardin says:

    Glad you made it to your destination safely and that you were able to get all the work done on Madge that you needed taken care of! Enjoy your time in Maryland!


    1. Thank you. Miss your face!!!


  2. Carin says:

    Another fun adventure. Take good care.


  3. Pattie Mendelson says:

    We drove from Baltimore to West Virginia in October 2021 to visit my hubby, Ted’s high school buddy. We remember how impressed we were with their smooth, well maintained roads. Ted went to WVU in Morgantown and he remembers the bitter cold as he WALKED to school!


    1. He walked to school in the snow!!!!! I love that!


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