Jerry is at it again!

Jerry’s at it again!  It’s always great to get his perspective on our adventures.  Please enjoy this week’s blog by my incredible husband!

J: Packing up and preparing to leave Cherry Hill RV park was routine, nothing special. Check the air pressure of the trailer and truck. Torque the lug nuts of the trailer and truck. Check the fluid levels of the truck and fuel up (arrgh). We paid 5.39 for diesel! That was the most we have spent, so far! We even saw one station advertising 6.60 per gallon! But even that couldn’t put a damper on the experiences we had in our time here.

To sum up our time in DC in a few words, it was amazing! I had no idea there were so many museums, monuments, and historical sites to experience! Susan and I will remember our visit to Washington DC for the rest of our lives! I am glad we have pictures and videos of the places we visited! We were surprised to learn some interesting facts about our nation’s history. But after all of that touring, we are tired and ready for a relaxing time in Virginia Beach. 

The drive to Virginia Beach was mostly uneventful! There are two routes into Virginia Beach that have tunnels. When I heard this, I was concerned about the height of the tunnels. Our RV is 13 ft 5 inches tall and we are always concerned about height restrictions while traveling! After speaking to the RV park in Virginia Beach (who by the way, I could tell were laughing at us when asked about the tunnel) and viewing the information about the tunnels online, I took a deep breath and chilled! But,…like most of the roads we drive on there, there are massive construction projects, and the bridge/tunnel we crossed was no exception! In a few years the bridge and tunnel will have additional lanes, which will make it more passable but we seemed to have missed the boat there.

We loved Cherry Hill Park but it had one little problem! There was freeway traffic noise 24/7. Susan and I were excited to be moving to a quiet RV park in Virginia Beach!! Little did we know that the RV park we were traveling to was next to a major Naval Air Station with the latest and greatest F-18 fighter aircraft! Fortunately, the fighters’ noise was contained to when the planes took off or landed. Not too bad considering what we experienced in our last campground!

While driving into Virginia Beach Susan and I were confused a little; we were raised in the west and if you wanted to see the ocean you drove west. We had to come to terms with the fact the ocean was east now! We both laughed and felt slightly embarrassed! After checking in at our new resort and setting up our RV we were excited and headed to the beach! After a 10-minute drive to the ocean, we arrived at the boardwalk and the typical beach high-rise condos and hotels! Susan was excited as it reminded her of growing up in Long Beach, CA ! I thought it reminded me of San Diego or Oceanside, CA. A nice sandy beach and the great smell of the ocean! We walked along the boardwalk for a while and stopped at one of the restaurant’s for a meal! Seafood of course!  We couldn’t wait to eat fresh east coast seafood!

Our friends Kim and Rodger have joined us for our stay here! We found a fish market and picked up 50 oysters and a chunk of halibut! We shucked the oysters and feasted on them! So…fresh! Kim put her magic seasoning on the halibut and grill master Rodger grilled the fish, Susan made a great salad and we had an awesome meal. 

We are in relaxation/recovery mode after Washington DC for the duration of our stay here in Virginia Beach. No tours, museums, memorials etc… we are beat up! We are considering a tasting tour of a local oyster farm, but we will see!

Check out the last 4 videos of our tours, museums, and memorials, of Washington DC!  

Just One More….Oyster (we are in heaven) 


  1. Linda says:

    Yes!! You deserve some R and R!! And lots of oysters!!!!! Enjoy your more relaxing pace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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