Different Perspectives when the RV Breaks Down

Welcome back everyone! We are so appreciative that you are reading our blog. This is Jerry’s take on our “broken” RV experience along with visiting Lewisburg, WV

There are challenges in life that can determine how a person reacts. Some panic, and others transform into a quite reflective person who will consider the ramifications of what has been presented to them, then consider the options and produce a plan of action. Our emotions are powerful, and without careful consideration of the situation, irrational thoughts can take over!

When something happens to our home on wheels, Susan and I evaluate what the impact to our lives will be. Sounds logical, reflective, supportive… ha ha what a crock! When the s**** hits the fan, put on your helmet because we are going to war!! Susan is the most passionate person on the planet! When something goes wrong, watch out! I put ear plugs in and locked myself in the closet! Kidding! NO REALLY,  KIDDING!

When we pulled into the RV campground, I started the set-up per our routine. To my dismay I noticed one of the rear slides was not in the correct location. I let Susan know what I saw and told her I might be able to push from the inside of the kitchen on the slide. Hopefully, I can push the slide out far enough to allow us access to the refrigerator! (kind of important) Susan being the supportive loving wife said “you go boy,” then she realized what I said and followed up with “what in the beep beep beep are you saying?!” Knowing this was the normal routine I knew I would have to explain a few times to my bride what had happened.

I was a chief engineer of a hospital and reported to charge nurses who would grill me when there was an emergency. But once I explained what the problem was, the impact to their patients, and staff, the hyperventilation would slowly disappear, and people would start to understand the sky was not falling and they could not be blamed for the problem. I often wondered what would happen if I ran by a charge nurse screaming at the top of my lungs “RUN RUN THE BUILDING IS FALLING!!” Of course, I never actually did that, or I would have been arrested and admitted to the Behavior Health Department!

Ok back to the present! I called a mobile RV tech and told them our situation and they of course told me they are booked, see you in a couple of months. After crying, and begging, they said see you tomorrow at noon! Due to past experiences, I was not expecting much from the mobile technician that showed up. I was wrong! Chris immediately jumped on the problem and had a solution in less than 2 hours! Randy, Chris’s assistant, worked like a well-oiled machine, even though there was rain pelting them!

“Open Road RV and Trailer Services” was amazing! The owner Chris and Randy were interviewed by the Just One More video department after the repair was completed! I cannot say enough about Chris and Randy. If you are in West Virginia and need help with your RV, call 304-645-7187. Hopefully, Chris and his team will be able to help you!

West Virginia, Greenbrier Country Club, Lewisburg, Greenbrier River RV Resort.

All the amazing places we visited during our stay here… There are lush green forests with rivers and lakes. The countryside is full of beautiful rolling green hills with unbelievable farms.

The Greenbrier Resort has a rich history. Susan and I walked through the shops and the lobby area of the hotel then enjoyed a great meal at Drapers named after Dorthoy Draper who was responsible for remodeling the entire Greenbrier Resort after WWII. I enjoyed Dorothy’s Famous Chicken Salad.The salad reminded me of my mothers cooking 40 years ago! 

Lewisburg is an 18th century town named after Andrew Lewis, a 18th century surveyor and militia captain. The city is beautiful with its southern charm and laid-back friendly attitude! Lewisburg is voted the coolest small town in America! I agree, from the downtown historic sites with excellent restaurants, and the slowly returning theater performances. 

The Greenbrier River RV Resort on the banks of the greenbrier river, a great river to float and fish on! Only thing that is not fun is the busy train activity all times of the day! Other than that, a walk to the river to watch the people floating and hungry fish rising to the abundant bugs! 

Did we find what we were looking for?? Our adventure does not have strict mandates. We are casually looking at the states we meander through observing basics: crime, employment, senior activities, healthcare, cost of living, food, fuel (ha-ha), electricity, housing, arts, weather, opportunities to volunteer….and that vibe! We will know it when we find it! The best part of our trip was visiting with our family who we have not seen in years!! And, George the new Great Dane puppy! Cute as all get out!

Last bit of wisdom! When preparing to hit the road to another RV Resort consult at least two GPS apps and call the resort where you are traveling too. Ask if there are any issues like: low bridges, narrow roads, tight corners, low hanging tree branches, trucking activity etc.! This advice is based upon our experiences while traveling. Most importantly have two gps apps running while traveling! Why, do you ask? We learned a valuable lesson when our only gps decided to take a break in the middle of a busy city “rerouting, rerouting, rerouting” having two gps units running helps confirm the route! Cannot tell you how shocked we were when we started using two gps units and discovered the gps units can have different routes based upon their programming!


One of my favorite sayings:


  • Theodore Roosevelt

Just One More….Visit with Family (so much more to come)


  1. Linda says:

    A great post. Love your sense of humor, Jerry. You and Susan are both such fun to read and I definitely can “see” Susan reacting to the RV “blip”. I am excited to see how you like Maine and New England. I’m a Boston girl and miss that part of the country. Can’t believe 6/30 is one year. Amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your blogs. The East is so familiar to me as We lived in Falls Church, Va for over 4 years when my Navy husband was stationed at the Pentagon. I have visited so many of the same sights. I also have a friend in Maryland that I visit regularly so I get to see many of the new places that have gone up. Keep up the really good stories of your adventures. Sharleen


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