The “Adventure” Continues

The “Adventure” Continues

Thank you for joining us for another week as we, officially, start our 2nd year as full-time RVers. Yes, we are still going strong!  In fact, we decided we love each other more every day experiencing this amazing lifestyle together.  AHHHHH!

We are so fortunate to be in Maine in July.  The weather is amazing.  Nothing over 80 degrees.  In fact, this week has been in the 70’s!  The evenings cool down to a comfortable 55 for great sleeping weather.  I know, I know, don’t rub it in for all of you experiencing horrible heat.  

One of the big issues for me when we decided to embark on this journey was to try and follow 70 degrees.  It hasn’t always been successful, but we sure are giving it our best effort.  I have always said, I would rather be cold than hot.  Especially after the first 4 months of this adventure.  We hit every heat wave and fire from June 2021 – Oct 2021.  Truly, I am over the heat.  When we left Brentwood and then Sacramento, we had over 112 degree days.  DONE!

During the 4th of July parade in Freeport, we overheard locals talking about how hot it was over the weekend and how happy they were that it was nice and cool for the parade.  We laughed as it was only 84 degrees last weekend.  But, for Mainers, that is HOT!   I’m definitely in the right state for July.  We are heading to Vermont on August 1st, and the weather there is about the same as of right now!  I do see a couple of 85 and 86 degree days, but I will not complain about that!!

Speaking of the 4th of July, we are so conditioned with Bay Area traffic and crowds that Jerry and I had our seats set up at 9:00 am for the parade. The parade started at 10:00 and there was plenty of parking and places to sit.  This is a very tough habit to change.  We are always so early to events as we want to make sure we find a place to park or to beat the traffic.  Especially driving the huge truck around.  So far, we haven’t had any issues, but knowing us, we will always be early.  Gives us a chance to explore or to meet new people.

The Freeport parade was adorable! It was about 35 min long.  We were shocked how short it was.  We are used to tons of kids riding their decorated tricycles for hours.  It was really cool seeing the locals coming out to support the different businesses, especially L.L.Bean.  They are the number one employee here in this area.  They do an amazing job of community involvement.

That evening, we went to an amazing outdoor concert in the L.L.Bean Discovery Park featuring Pink Martini. We had never heard of them, but they were so good! We are new fans. Ari Shapiro from NPR was a guest singer. Who knew? We had the best time. After that, they did an amazing laser show instead of fireworks to help keep down the pollution in the area. We LOVED it. The music was beyond awesome and the laser show was truly incredible. We looked at each other and kept saying how much fun we were having. It was a great 4th of July celebration.

We have been touring around the area this week and decided to go to Portland. We had been there in 2018 and stayed in Cape Elizabeth at the Inn By the Sea. This is a magical place! We had to go back to see it again as it was one of our favorite vacations.

Cape Elizabeth has one of the most sought after lighthouses called Portland Head Light.  We had visited this in 2018 as well and couldn’t wait to go see it again.  It did not disappoint.  It was a very windy day, but it was as beautiful as we remembered.  We walked all over Fort Williams Park, which is where it is located, and just enjoyed the ocean and playing tourist.  We plan on going back for a picnic lunch.  We also plan on visiting as many lighthouses as we can while we are here.  This coming week we will be taking many day trips.  Freeport is so well located.  It’s 18 min from Portland which we will be going back this week to spend the day just walking around.  

We are still enjoying all the incredible seafood that Maine has to offer.  Lots of oysters and shrimp.  Saving up for lobster again. LOL.  We have many restaurants that were suggested to us by locals in smaller towns and villages that we will be visiting for lobster.  Cannot wait for that.  Next weekend will be the Clam Festival in Yarmouth!  OH BOY!!!  

Lots more of Maine coming your way in the next few weeks, then on to Vermont!

Just One More….lighthouse (trust me, there are so many here!)

Make sure to check out our latest YouTube Video below!


  1. kandace karcher says:

    We will be visiting Maine next month. If you wouldn’t mind can you send me your favorite restaurants, I’d really appreciate it.
    I’m a friend of Carin Kaplans from home. We are on a 9 month trip across the US in our vintage airstream.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Will you be in the Portland area?


    2. Kandace. Why don’t you whisk me at and I’ll send you our favs


  2. Sally says:

    I just love that you use every minute to enjoy the sights, weather, people & each other. I feel like I’m on this journey with you!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!!! Hope we can meet up somewhere


  3. Chris Yoder says:

    You truly seem to be experiencing the “American Greatness” Maine sounds fantastic. A place I have always wanted to visit, but never did. Maybe someday…………..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carin says:

    Gotta love the dog riding a horse in the parade. Americana at its best. So fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Linda says:

    What a special time you are having in Maine. Love this post, especially the part where you talk about love growing daily. Keep enjoying and eat lots more seafood for me!!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Shenli+Wong says:

    Brings back lots of memories. Writing poetry, on the rocks, by the ocean at 13. The East coast is beautiful. Have a spectacular time. Safe travels.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Joanne says:

    Maine sounds like a great place to visit and I love Lighthouses!!!!! I need to add Maine as one of our vacation stops to check out. Love to read your weekly adventures, glad you are in a great place and the weather is good for you. It is hot in Brentwood and even hotter in Palm Desert!!!!!!
    Keep the stores coming and hope to see you on Tuesday!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️❤️❤️


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