Jerry Wraps Up Freeport

Jerry Here!! Susan and I have decided to share the blog duties. We believe and hope you appreciate the different perspectives from each of us! Thank you for continually supporting our blog!

Wrapping up Freeport, Maine.

We will have called Cedar Haven RV Campground our home for 8 weeks.  We met Rodney, the park manager, on day one as we followed him to our campsite. After setting up Rodney stopped by to check on us. His New England accent was incredible, absolutely no R’s.  He exuded childlike enthusiasm for life. One of the souls you rarely meet but when you do your life has been affected!

After Rodney left, Susan asked me if I understood him? We both broke down laughing hysterically admitting we weren’t sure what he said!! (since we’ve been here so long, we now have no problem understanding him) Rodney is a bear of man who loves to talk and tell stories! Our favorite Rodney story is about an elderly couple that camps in October, and stays for a month every year. The last time this couple arrived Rodney noticed the couple hugging just before they backed their RV into a site. Rodney waited until the couple was done parking and asked why they hugged when they got out of their truck. The couple answered, we have learned to make-up before we have a fight! Just so you know, people who RV understand this statement. Backing up a RV really plays havoc on a marriage.

That story melted our hearts! We like to watch couples as they park their rig. Sometimes it is easy with no problem! Then there is the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, a huge argument with one partner going for a cool down walk! Maybe that is Jerry and Susan’s story… Have we provided entertainment when we back in? More than likely!!  

Years ago, when we first started RVing (part-time), Susan would go into the campground office to register us. There was always someone who would come out and help me park if we were in a back in. Years later when we started this adventure, Susan finally shared with me that she would ask someone in the office every single time to “PLEASE save my marriage and come help my husband park”. I believe she still does this even now. 

We are getting close to ending our 8 weeks stay in the Freeport Maine area: the home of L.L. Bean! This portion of our journey has been on our minds since 2018 when we visited Portland. That was my first trip to Maine, but it was an adventure into Susan’s past! Susan’s parents lived in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and would migrate to California as the seasons changed!

Our next adventure will be leaving the warmer southern Maine area, and heading north to the city of Bangor, a much cooler location. Here is where we will explore Acadia National Park, including riding our electric bikes. If Acadia lives up to a fraction of the hype it will be worth it. The drive is 2 ½ hours. piece of cake! Speaking of roads, I read a story about I 95 being the deadliest highway in America! Great!!! We will be on I 95 from Bangor Maine to St. Augustine, Florida starting Oct 3rd.

Susan celebrated her birthday here in Southern Maine. One of the things she asked for was a 90-minute massage! She got a great massage by David at Heal Massage and Therapy in Brunswick. Then we went for a great lunch at a restaurant called Muddy Rudder.  Susan had a piece of Maine blueberry pie!!  (yes, I’m telling on her) Ok, ok…  Let’s say we both enjoyed her birthday pie AND ice cream! This is a big, big big birthday (hint Medicare started)!! Shhhh don’t tell anyone!

What we have learned so far in Maine: A local told me to use the word “Wicked” constantly. There are no R’s in a Mainer’s vocabulary. Everyone reminds us we will never be Mainer’s! We weren’t born here!  They call people who are not Mainers, “from away.” That said, Mainer’s are open, honest and welcoming! There is very little crime, and their way of life is laid back! There are a lot of good jobs from the military industrial complex. We have met retirees of various industries who are living very comfortably!

Another word we learned is “camp”. It is used by people here to describe a second home. For example, we are going up to the camp for a week. When I heard about a camp, I thought about campfires, tents etc.…. Come to find out a camp is a second house used for getaways and vacations! Who knew?

We will miss Freeport and Southern Maine as we have really come to know the area and have met great new friends here.  This is the longest we have stayed in one place so far.  We no longer need GPS to get to so many places.  That’s when you know you are getting familiar with an area.  We will be back!  

Just One More….City in Maine to explore.  Here we come Bangor!

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  1. Connie says:

    Where do you get the KYD spices? Thanks.


      1. Debbie/Oakland CA says:

        I lived in Boston for 6 years (college)–when I first arrived I was looking for the subway (“the T”) and couldn’t find it so I popped into a store to ask directions. He said the “Allington” station is just around the corner but I couldn’t find it….until I finally realized he meant the “Arlington” station! It takes awhile to get used to the accent but soon regular R’s start to sound harsh.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s so funny.


  2. Carin says:

    Delightful. Love that you and Susan share this “newsletter”. Especially love the story about Rodney and the couple who hug before a fight. That’s even better than making sure that you don’t go to bed without making up. Beautiful. Have fun in Bangor.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Linda says:

    Have loved being with you in Southern Maine. Bangor should be great and I’m really looking forward to hearing about the differences other than the temperature! Parking an RV. I guess you REALLY have to have a good relationship! Cute story. Hugs to you both🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️❤️. You got it. Lots coming up.


  4. Karen McBrayer says:

    Nice blog

    Liked by 1 person

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