Our First Week in Northern Maine

Jerry let me write the blog this week.  Ha Ha.  He’s really getting quite good at writing, and it’s always so nice to get his perspective of our journey.  Thank you so much for joining us this week as we continue our summer in Maine.

As Jerry mentioned last week we left the Freeport area and headed to Bangor.  We were both a bit sad leaving the area as we had been there 2 months.  That was the first time we had stayed that long in one area.  It was really nice being in one area that long as we really took advantage of the area and saw and experienced so much.  

When you stay that long in one place, you really get to know the area so well.  We got to the point where we didn’t need to use the GPS so much. We even learned the aisles of the grocery store (you get what I mean!!), enjoyed our favorite restaurants more than once, went to all the local festivals, and concerts and met really amazing new friends.

Now onto the next adventure: Northern Maine.  We are in a town called Hermon which is right outside of Bangor (pronounced Bangah.  There are no r’s in Maine) While staying in Freeport, Jerry, as usual, got to talking to a couple in the RV park one weekend that actually lives in Hermon, Linda and Scott.  In fact, Scott did some electrical work at the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort we are staying in.  They live about 2 miles from the park.  

While in Freeport, we went out to dinner with them and really enjoyed spending time with them.  The day we arrived in Hermon, we called them and they invited us over for dinner.  Both Jerry and I realized it had been 8 months since we had been in someone’s home and sat at a dining table.  It’s the little things we remember experiencing this lifestyle.

Linda and Scott wanted to take us to one of their favorite Lobster Shacks, called Claws, in Rockland.  On the way there we stopped in Belfast, which is known for its antique buildings, historic district, restaurants, and marina.  The presidential yacht, The Sequoia, a 1925 motor yacht that served 8 presidents, is dry docked there.  President Jimmy Carter sold it in 1977 and a local custom boat building company in Belfast was tapped for the restoration by the current owner.  Supposedly, it hasn’t been worked on in years.  It’s wrapped up tight and you can only see the bottom of it.  Still quite interesting.

We also saw a houseboat that was made of steel cargo containers.  That was pretty interesting.  Come to find out there is a surplus of used shipping containers in the US that is repurposing them into homes, offices, modular buildings, dorms and emergency shelters.  Check it out!! 

We then drove to Rockland for lunch and ate at Claws!   What a great Lobstah Shack!!  We had been told of this place by a few people and were so excited to try it.  It did not disappoint!  In fact, I told Jerry it was my favorite “shack” so far.  Loved the ambiance and of course the lobstah roll (they had gluten free rolls) was delicious, and Jerry had a haddock sandwich that was really good.  

After that, Linda and Scott took us to Camden.  What a beautiful town.  It is known as the “Jewel of the Maine Coast”.  It has a beautiful harbor, fun stores and the Camden Public Library is a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  A really fun afternoon.

We are so fortunate to have met Linda and Scott.  We look forward to experiencing “their” Maine and getting to really know the area.

Our plan is to visit Acadia National Park this coming week.  Cannot wait to share that with you!  

Just One More….Maine town to explore!  (too many to count) 


  1. Chris Yoder says:

    How lucky to have met such nice people and have “tour guides”. Keep enjoying this journey.

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      1. Carin Kaplan says:

        So I’m thinking we need to go to Claws for a GF haddock sandwich or lobster roll. Look forward to your responses to Acadia. See you soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Can’t wait to see you both


  2. Linda says:

    LOVE your Maine experience!! How great to really dive in an get to know a place. Thanks for all the vicarious lobsta!!❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anytime. Lol. ❤️❤️


  3. sharleenkeen says:

    It sounds like you are having the adventure of your life. Traveling is so fun when you have a travel partner who shares your love of it. I loved seeing Acadia National Park. I am going on a Mediterranean cruise with my daughter in law and granddaughter next month. We will end the trip in Strousburg France where we will be attending the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter who is marrying a French man whose family lives in the Alsace region. Then I am spending the month of January in Maryland with my friend of over 50 years. Miss you, Sharleen

    Sent from Sharleen’s ipad


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    1. What a wonderful adventure you’re going on!! Exciting. Miss you too!!!!


  4. Barbara Davies says:

    love your blogs !

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