Greetings from Interstate 10

We are on the road to Arizona!  When you read this, we will be in Tucson, arriving in Prescott Valley on Sunday.  Thank you for continuing to follow this very crazy adventure!

Let me share with you this exhausting week of travel.  We left Georgia on Saturday heading to Arizona.  The first place we stayed was in Alabama.  We stayed at The Wind Creek Casino RV Park. It was pretty nice actually.  The campground was small but the sites were large and very clean.  We walked to the casino to grab some food.  

Let me digress a minute about the food situation.  We are trying not to open the slides and keep the truck connected to the RV to make the travel much faster in the mornings.  Now, saying this, it is a bit challenging when it comes to food as we do not have access to the kitchen.  We do, however, have access to the bathroom and bedroom.  We open the slide of the bedroom but that’s the only one.  

We have been grocery shopping for fruit and whatever else can fit in the refrigerator cooler we have that’s plugged into the truck in the back seat, but when you are traveling every day, eating healthy is VERY challenging.  Trust me, I do have sliced veggies and lots of fruit, but that doesn’t fulfill the need for a warm meal. So, we are doing our best when we eat out and know that once we get settled at the RV park in Prescott Valley, we will be back to cooking and shopping!!

The great thing is I am walking at every stop since we arrive around 2:00 each day.  That gives me plenty of time to walk 3 miles. Especially after driving for 4 – 5 hours.  

Back to the casino.  The food was horrible!!!!!  But, we did win $17.00 on the Wheel of Fortune machine. It has been a very long time since we were in a casino.  The nice thing about this one, was no smoking allowed, thank goodness.  We really didn’t stay long in the casino, just enough to grab some food and get back to the RV

The next day we were right outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It was a very nice KOA campground.  We went out for our beloved seafood!  Jerry had seafood gumbo and I had crawfish!!  I was in heaven.  Yes, this is all about the food!!!

After that we were in Baytown, Texas where we stayed two days to visit with Jerry’s Aunt Kathy and Uncle John who live in Baytown right on the water.  We are so glad we were able to visit them on this trip.  It was great spending time with them.  You just never know when the next time will be, you know?

We were so excited to be able to go shopping in our favorite convenience store, BUC-EE’s!!  We LOVE Buc-ee’s!!!  It has the best bathrooms (yes, it does) and the most amazing food and shopping mecca!   

The next stop was past San Antonio, TX.  This is where it gets pretty hairy.  The traffic around Houston was HORRIBLE!!!!   Remember, we are over 64 feet in length.  Driving in traffic when you have to change lanes is unbelievably challenging when you do not know the roads.  Jerry is amazing, that’s all I have to say.  Of course, when we finally arrived at the RV park, he was completely beat up.  We were both in bed at 7:30, totally done!!  

When I planned this route, I made sure we were only driving 4-5 hours a day, no more than 300 miles.  When you are driving every day for a week, it’s not smart to drive more than that.  That’s our opinion and we are sticking to it.  It takes 3 days to cross Texas!!!!!!

The last stop in Texas was Fort Stockton.  It’s the 3rd time we’ve stayed there.  It is right off Interstate 10 and, thank goodness, has a restaurant on the grounds, as there is not a lot in Fort Stockton and we did not want to disconnect.  It’s not much, but it is clean and convenient.

The next two stops are also places we have been to twice before:  Las Cruces and Tucson. 

We definitely disconnected as we went to our favorite restaurants in both cities.  In Las Cruces we went to Las Posta

I have talked about this place before.  We ate there this past March!  Incredible. 

In Tucson, we must go to Rosa’s.  When my niece, Katie, went to UofA, this was her favorite Mexican Restaurant, and we never miss an opportunity to eat there.  I have talked about this place as well a couple of times.  If you get to Tucson, this is a MUST! 

When we arrive in Prescott Valley, after Tucson, we will be staying in the RV for 16 days in a RV park while the house is being finished and escrow closes.  This will be interesting as the weather at night can drop all the way down into the 20’s.  We have to be very careful that the hoses and pipes don’t freeze and burst.  We are watching the weather every day.  Who knows, we might have to move into a VRBO….  I’ll keep you posted!!  

I placed my last state on my map in Louisiana.  As you can see on the map the places we spent the night with Madge (our RV).  That was my criteria.  We had to spend the night, not just drive through.  As you can see, we stayed the night in 25 states.  Yes, I am a bit disappointed we didn’t get to Vermont, New Hampshire, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minneapolis and South Dakota (that was the original plan before we made our decision to stop the full-time RV life).  That’s ok!!  We will get there, but now, we will stay in VRBO’s.  LOL!!

Next week I will share showing Jerry the house I purchased without him.  He will see it on December 4th, right after we arrive and set up.  Stay tuned for that!!

Just One More… through Texas (I’m done 🙂) 


  1. Carin says:

    Welcome to your new home.

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  2. says:

    Hey Susan,

    You did a lot in just over a year! Honestly I’m proud that you guys made it this far. I cannot even imagine surviving the challenges you have had. I know guys are in great shape but you are also not 25 any more, and the physical work required for this life is enormous. Poor Jerry must be a wreck, since he does all the driving. At some point it’s not worth it; and clearly you hit that point. But what an adventure you have had! Family you have seen, new friends made. And crossed this off of your bucket list.

    I’m just happy both of you are still ok and that you are still married! Art and I could never be together 24/7 like that. (well, we are now, but I keep busy with work. 😊 )



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  3. Teresa Hudson-Floyd says:

    Wishing y’all the best in your new home!
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 and A Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much. Happy Homidays to you


  4. Great post. I’m always interested in people’s adventures. We took our RV to AZ last spring and vowed never to return with the RV because of the horrible roads. Bump, bump bumpity bump!!! Hopefully, you took a different highway than us! Safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment. Highway 10 was awful. The rains today were so scary. But we made it.


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