Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Just One More….  I’m so excited to be doing the blog again.  I really missed writing and all of you!  I hope you had a great holiday weekend last week.  Whether you celebrated Easter or Passover, I hope it was full of joy!  

We are so excited to announce the official launch of my new business, Just One More Custom Blankets and Hats.  Nothing like starting a blanket & hat company at the start of Spring/Summer, but hey, I never do anything conventionally!   Everyone needs a cozy blanket or fun beanie with their favorite sport or university, etc., patch for those cold nights at a live game!!   Please check us out:  https://justonemorecustoms.wordpress.com  

This past week, Jerry and I really started exploring the area.  Since we moved here in winter, every time we were going to explore it was a bit too cold or snowy.  We actually loved the snow!  It melts the next day here!  But, still a bit too cold to hike.  We did try a couple of times but realized it was not a good idea.  

We went for a hike at Lynx Lake (many lakes in this area).  It is amazingly beautiful.  There are pine trees everywhere you look.  There is a wonderful lake loop hike that we attempted to do, but the water was too high for us to go completely around.  We met some locals that told us in July when the water recedes we will be able to do the entire loop.  We will be back!  

The entire time we were there we kept looking at each other saying, “Who says there isn’t green in Arizona?”  Jerry was so cute when we entered the area.  He said, “I didn’t think I would be seeing pine trees again until we went back to CA”.  We were so happy to find this area and cannot wait to bring friends and family who visit us.  

Jerry worked 4 days this week at Ace.  He’s really enjoying his job.  He comes home with stories every day of interesting people that shop there.  This is his first time working in retail.  I keep saying, “Welcome to my past.”  You really get to know different personalities working in retail, that’s for sure.  He loves helping people with their projects and is so incredibly knowledgeable.  It’s really a great retirement job for him.  How long will he stay there?  Who knows!  Right now he likes it and it gets him out of the house and keeps his mind busy.  (seriously, I cannot have him pacing around the house saying how bored he is with no projects to work on)

We had a full-time RV couple visit us for dinner this week.  Marlene & Jim who we met in Jan of 2022 in Quartzite, AZ walking into the RV Show.  We continued to keep in touch throughout the year and last Dec they came to Prescott Valley and stayed in the same RV park we were in while waiting for our house to get finished.  We had a great time for the few days they were here in Dec.  It was cold, but we went downtown with them and saw the holiday lights.  They took off for California while we moved into our home.  They actually saw the house while it was being built.  

They came for dinner and were so excited to see how we decorated the house starting from scratch.  They had sold their home in NY around the same time we did and are continuing their full-time RV adventure.  So, they understood that we had to BUY EVERYTHING to move in.  We had a great time with them and they will be back this fall.  They love to hike and love all the trails this area has to offer.  

We are expecting many visitors this Spring/Summer season.  We are so excited to have the friends we met all over the country come to visit.  And family and friends from CA will be visiting as well.  Spring/Summer in Prescott is the time to visit.  I did not know that people who own homes in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area have summer homes here because it is so much cooler.  That was an eye-opener for us.  And, one of the reasons we moved here was the 4 seasons without extremes!!  You know me, and how much I hate HEAT!!! 🙂

We will be doing more exploring this week as the weather is supposed to be beautiful.  More lakes to hike around and heading to Sedona!  Really looking forward to that!  Catch next week’s blog!!!

Just One More… Lake (I’ve been told there are 6) 


  1. madrishifi says:

    We can’t wait to be one of your visitors!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carin Kaplan says:

    Glad you’re getting to explore again right dim your own front door. Sounds grand.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Linda Wild says:

    I love that you are really getting out and exploring in the same way you did when you were RVing. You guys really get in depth experience! Seems like there is so much to see wherever we are but we don’t always take advantage. You are inspiring!!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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