Hello from Atlanta!

Jerry and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are so grateful to all of you who have been following our journey these past almost 18 months!   We have had the best time in Georgia visiting with my relatives on my mom’s side, and meeting cousins I had no idea about.  My cousin SusanContinue reading “Hello from Atlanta!”

Charleston Continues

Thanks so much for joining us this week as our adventures continue in Charleston, SC.  Jerry decided he would like to share his experience with you this week! We have 5 more days to make sure we get all that Charleston has to offer, including hurricane and tornado watches. Yep, as Californians, we are soContinue reading “Charleston Continues”

Jerry, on the Journey

Hey Gang!   I know, I know, you’ve missed Jerry!!  It’s taken a couple of weeks for him to get his thoughts together after our experience in New Jersey.  Thanks for indulging us as we work through what happened, and allowing us to share with you.  This has helped us both get past this and moveContinue reading “Jerry, on the Journey”

As We Head South

Thank you for joining me again this week. I know last week was pretty stressful reading. Trust me, it was very stressful writing. Good news, we are good, nothing broke, we are still married and we survived. Let me continue the story. New Jersey As I mentioned last week, I met Dana and Joycee onContinue reading “As We Head South”

That’s It for Maine!

Jerry’s turn this week!!!  His final thoughts about leaving Maine!  Thanks for joining us!      Good morning, Fans, Family and Friends! This is our last weekend in Maine. (Boo Hoo) We spent two months in Freeport, Maine and 6 weeks in Bangor, Maine. Love it, love it, love it! The scenery is beautiful, and Mainer’sContinue reading “That’s It for Maine!”


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